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meant for me as much as you. - Dominique... sugar and spice, she's not very nice

Nov. 1st, 2012

03:18 am - meant for me as much as you.

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Get out of your head.

Go give.

Give time, or money, or a smile, or labor, or coffee, or kindness or peace of mind...and keep your mouth shut - that's the hard part - don't talk about yourself. Explain SIMPLY why you need to do it, but just be a good listener so someone else can vent if they need to.
Talk about positive things, and encourage friends to speak of the positive things in their lives.

One a day. Or more.  Your kids will learn by seeing you and they can enjoy the challenge, too.

This is why I still work on the weekends. Getting up Saturday morning to clean someone else's house is not worth the $30-$40 I actually earn. I like being helpful to someone who appreciates it.